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View Diary: 51 percent watch: All the votes are tallied, 51.06% (97 comments)

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    Hurricane Sandy reduced voting in blue states like New York and New Jersey, where Obama could have really run up the score on poor hapless Mitt.

    MPociask: It is a big deal. No President since Eisenhower has done this. In your skewed accounting of history, you handwave past all the one term presidents, as if to say that's why Obama pulled off this amazing feat.
    Well all those one term presidents failed to get 51% of the popular vote.

    And all those three way races occurred because the third party candidates could smell blood. The sitting President was deemed vulnerable.
    Obama wasn't, so serious third party challengers sat out. Again, credit to Obama.

    Obama has accomplished something amazing here.
    He's got a hell of a mandate.

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