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View Diary: Chris Christie rips Boehner and House Republicans over refusal to provide Hurricane Sandy relief (173 comments)

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  •  Nope, bare minimum he has to do if wants re-elect (2+ / 0-)
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    Nica24, grrr

    And he still weaseled by saying 'House Majority' and Bonehead far too often intead of simply saying the truth: 'republicans'.  He did so, bc while he wants re-eelct, he also wants to be POTUS and pissing off the primary voters, i.e., the rabid Thugs, won't help that.

    Now, if Ds are smart, they will attack republicans by name at every turn over this and demand Christie do the same.
    Sure, he'll win re-elect in NJ, but it will deeply wound the chances of getting the nom for the strongest Thug 2016 candidate.

    •  Or he... (2+ / 0-)
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      The Marti, Lysis

      didn't want to blame the whole party, since the Republicans in the senate did the right thing?

      •  As did Republicans in NJ and NY. (0+ / 0-)

        Regional unity in the face of disaster.

        I live in the Rockaways.  The devastation was and continues to be unreal.

        There's no time for politics.

        The House Republicans have gone so far beyond decency. I don't know how they dial it back.

        The midterms start now.  They've gotta go.

    •  "House majority and their speaker John Boehner" (0+ / 0-)

      is exactly correct.  They are the ones who blocked it.  Why it only got 62 or however many votes in the Senate I don't know, but it did pass there.

      You'll also note that he had no difficulty calling out Nancy Pelosi and President Obama for praise (or at least for doing the right thing, which these days counts as praise), and elsewhere in the press conference he noted that Sen. Menendez has been extremely helpful also.

      •  Nope, Christie doesn't get to play it both ways. (0+ / 0-)

        He campaigned for all those clowns.  He was Mr.1% keynote for fraking sake.  

        He either eats the whole stinky sausage or he gets no brownies for using weasle word 'Majority'.  I have no faith low-info voters - something like 20% of who though Mr.1% killed OBL! - undestand that this means House Thugs when think Ds have the 'majority of the government' cause they have the Pres. and Senate.  After all, they got their tax increase.  Or some such insane stupidity that passes for thinking among those voters.  

        Christie only gets pts for this imo if he loudly and repeatedly tells voters to throw every House Thug out, including his own state's, who enables them.

        But your mileage may of course vary.  (Tho you may wish you had if he wins 2016 and brings all the Thug crazies - and the neocons - back, as any Thug winner will cause they got nothing else.)

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