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View Diary: Chris Christie rips Boehner and House Republicans over refusal to provide Hurricane Sandy relief (173 comments)

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    I know that as one who sees himself as a progressive, I should hate ALL Republicans.  But I cannot hate Chris Christie.  In the material quoted above, I cannot find even one statement that I disagree with.  In my book, he told it as it absolutely is.

    I will even go so far as to say that in my opinion, Christie sounded more like a Democrat than some "Democrats" do.  There is no reason why they could not have taken even one extra half-hour to vote for Sandy relief in the House last night.  Yet, they couldn't --  or wouldn't.

    Christie's words are words that should have come from Barak Obama.  Yet they came from Chris Christie instead.

    Well done, and well spoken, Governor Christie!

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