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  •  There is something going around everywhere (3+ / 0-)
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    and it does not get a flu diagnosis.  It is viral.  What is is no one knows.  You do get congested somewhere.  Head, chest, ears, etc.  I took something around thanksgiving, went to the Doc on the 2nd of Dec...given a round of antibiotics for ear congestion and almost deaf
    then of course the sinus drainage but this junk affect different people in different ways.  

     Our 7 year old,  Runny nose and finally a mild cough   Did have fever though... Go figure...  Doc said she had croup.... My husband has the cough.the congestion, in the bed sick kind.   My son had everything..the  runs, the cough, the congestion, and the only thing we all had in common was the sudden onset and the sore throat.  The second common factor is it hit end of November.  The other thing.. you get better and it comes back.   Funny part oyr 17 year old, the one with the weakest immune did not get a darn thing.   Go figure.

    Aji told me she had the same thing.

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    by Vetwife on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 01:12:26 PM PST

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