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  •  I think voters saw a compromise, and liked it. (0+ / 0-)

    I find it very amusing that kossacks hate this deal as much as RedStaters.

    To me, it says each side had to give a little.  And that's what politics is all about.

    The right wingers seem to believe since they control the House, their bargaining power is unlimited.  And progressives are up in arms that President Obama hasn't wielded the power of his new mandate.

    In reality, both sides are going to have to work together.  And that means giving up some of the things the most vocal in the respective parties are demanding.

    It will mean budget cuts and deficit reducing measures going forward, including some tweaking of entitlements.  It will mean the sacred cow of the right - i.e. Defense - will need to take a hit as well.

    The lousy $60 Billion per year Obama won in new revenues is more symbolic than anything.  But everyone got something they could crow about from this deal, if they so desired.

    I hope they begin negotiations soon on the next round.  And I hope both sides realize they will need to continue to compromise.

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