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  •  The part of holding the line where Democrats (13+ / 0-)

    have historically been weak is putting the line (or goal posts, if you will) a significant distance away from their absolute last line of defense - which you have observed many times.

    The point being that the discussion has to include the greater objectives - the long-term goals - in order to adequately defend in the short-term.

    Democrats need to flatly reject contraction of social programs with the case for expanding them - if they hope to hold the line in the current political environment, imo.

    •  yes, exactly (6+ / 0-)

      Republicans have a long-term goal in mind: demolish every aspect of the New Deal.  Centrists who don't have a particular goal (other than winning elections) are easily manipulated into playing along.  The smarter Republicans will happily spin things to appeal to moderate Democrats and try to reach their goal in stages.

      For example: let's means-test Social Security and Medicare!  After all, Bill Gates doesn't need that money, right?  Lots of liberal wonks might buy into that. But any means-tested entitlement will be increasingly seen as a welfare program, politically easier to de-fund.

      •  How about this? (0+ / 0-)

        No taxes on people making $25K or less. They can do their taxes just like before but it all gets dumped into SS/Medicare/ACA pools.

        Segregated contribution. No general fund.

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