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  •  it was always about (0+ / 0-)

    making CurrentTV a 'for sale' media ; when Gore says he is doing something business - wise he paints it as populism to attract attention, buzz, get his activities covered in the press etc  (it is a head fake) read up on Gore's investments throughout lifetime especially when Congressman and Senator after that as V.P. he made his business contacts explode with interest in his unseen financial positions; as V.P. he cultivated the financial field  from his position on the world stage for growth of personal financial interests....

    maybe I'm seeing  him in too narrow spectrum of light yeah right! anyway Gore is about money and image period end of story; he is a manipulator being a politician was his vehicle to launch personal business activities and it was always that;

    Hyatt-Gore that's what their long partnership is about:

    Gore Pockets Estimated $100M on TV Sale to Oil-Backed Al Jazeera

    Coriolis Effect: a plane headed from Miami (where the Earth's rotation is more pronounced) to New York would end up in the Atlantic Ocean if the pilot ignored the effects of the Earth's rotation.

    by anyname on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 08:12:22 PM PST

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