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    Your Three principles we should care about the NEXT time you do DEALS for the country, only needs ONE, the add on to your last. JOB CREATION. Here is why:

    1. Its been proven over the last 30 years, that rich people (even the ones we elect as Democrats to office), will FAIL to support our country economically. Even if they could help they WONT. Even if their are laws that compel them to lend their financial resources, they will not obey. Rich people will not save America, they're not made of the right stuff.

    2. Over the past 200+ years it has been proven that the fruits of the labor of the middle and lower classes are the ONLY things that generate not only wealth, but prestige and prosperity to our or any other country that is willing to nurture those fruits. Those willing to do a simple job that provides real goods. Those that pay their share to the government BEFORE they get paid themselves. Those who, and whose sons and daughters shed their sweat, and when necessary their blood for their country.

    3. Given that 1 and 2 are proven facts (by the very actions and deeds that lead our country to its sorry present state), I humbly suggest that you and the other "leaders" in Washington recognize and water and nurture the seeds of the the fruits by which you gained your wealth and your power. The fruits that we will need to have to survive. Your jobs are not only to harvest, and it is not the right of the wealthy to only eat of the bounty, the feast which previous generations made possible.

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