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  •  Indigo Buntings (9+ / 0-)

    If Indigo Buntings are in your general area, you may be able to attract them to a feeder in the spring. I learned that they like millet, and when I lived in both PA and FL, I saw them coming to my feeder for about two weeks every spring. What I found through experience was that it needed to be plain millet, not a mix, and easy for them to spot as they flew through the area, so a tube feeder hung from near the end of a tree branch worked well.

    You can usually find plain millet sold in small bags where they sell other wild bird seed, but if not, it's also sold as parakeet food, which I bought sometimes when necessary. The Indigo Buntings will only come to the feeder for seed for a couple weeks in the early spring, before nesting. Once they start nesting, they stay pretty much hidden away in the brush (I used to see them lurking in the brush where my yard bordered a natural area) and feed on insects instead of seed. So even though the small bags of millet may cost more, you won't be buying them for long.

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