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View Diary: A Very Merry Christmas For MSNBC – A Very Unhappy Holiday For Fox News (247 comments)

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  •  Willard LOL (2+ / 0-)
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    Buckeye54, mightymouse

    Yeah, that happened to me too.

    Al Sharpton owned the Trayvon Martin story.  That was the turning point for me.  I came to see that African American perspectives are just radically under-represented even in the progressive media.  He is really important, and plus he cracks me up all the time.

    •  Yes, he really shined a spotlight on the Trayvon (0+ / 0-)

      Martin story, and I hope he's keeping an eye on this. I'm sure this is due to be coming to trial soon, and I'll be looking forward to hearing Reverend Al's reporting on it.

      And I agree with you about his sense of humor. He cracks me up too, because his remarks are spot-on and he takes such obvious delight in skewering pontificating, hypocritical politicians.

      •  Indeed (0+ / 0-)

        I can honestly say that neither Lawrence O'Donnell, nor Chris Matthews, nor Keith Olbermann has ever once made me laugh out loud with pleasure, and not just a cynical chortle.

        Humor is so important to credibility and watchability.  One reason I find the aforementioned three white guys unsatisfying is that they take themselves just a notch too damn seriously.  They pontificate.  The hector.  They lecture.  But Al Sharpton delivers commentary that is at least as sharp and critical and incisive while making me laugh and even while making his targets laugh in live interviews.  That is worth a great deal.  He's a more charismatic television personality than anyone else in the MSNBC lineup except, in my view, Alex Wagner (for whom I already declared my infatuation above).

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