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  •  I agree with others that this list is excellent. (13+ / 0-)

    From the first time that I saw it, I went through it with a consistent stream of yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    I would also add the age old admonition about confusing the messenger with the message.  That would cut ad hominems and other insults in half and at least lessen the impact of others.

    I've been on internet discussion boards since the first burst of pc internet usage and they were larger ones and comparable in intelligence to dKos.

    Every problem I see on Dkos, every one, have been present in all other boards or forums.  Same general character types, same types of disagreements, similar types of groups, special interests and hidden agenda, trolls both foreign and resident, attempts to manipulate the site owners or representatives, keeping lists of enemies and their posts, old comments, emails, and offsite information about their personal lives, humor used as a device, insider
    jokes and innuendos, sympathy plays which were both real or fictional, frequent apologizers for repeated bad behaviors, supporting friends or allies for mutual support or out of fear, attempts to split the users in order to gain members for a new site, dragging in friends from unrelated sites to support factions, plagiarizing, petty criticisms of substantive posts, thread jacking, sock puppets, leaving and returning under a different identity,
    and those are a few off the top of my head.

    When I started, as many users do I think, there is a tendency to see what happens on a board as very vivid real life events, especially the train wrecks.

    I think that one problem that we have here is that many participants are new to this type of internet board or to internet life generally and they often get involved in situations that they don't understand.  This is especially easy on such a huge site with thousands of users a day and many of whom come and go.

    Which leads back to your list and others that have been compiled.  I doubt that more than a handful of users have even seen your list and you are one of the most active and well-respected members.

    When MB or Marcos or others such as Hunter who used to do this earlier on, makes decisions or suggestions, very few of total active membership see them.  Of course, others do and re-interpret them or hear from others who may have re-interpreted some.

    We do need a clear, concise list of guidelines and rules that every user needs to sign off as having read.  They can't be open to wide interpretation, and as much as ownership values uncensored communication that doesn't worry me in the least.

    The other main problem, and I don't know how one can deal with this, is blogging while drunk since most people lose a sense of perspective and self-censorship when they're tipsy.  Not all, but the majority.  It's not a problem usually with light conversation, but it is often with serious subjects.

    Just my thoughts.

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