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  •  I too thank you. I'm still learning the ropes (6+ / 0-)

    for participating in the (ahem) civil discussions here at Daily Kos.

    I come here to learn news, information and opinions often not available elsewhere --- and to share information and my views from time to time. I do greatly appreciate that often many differing views and opinions come to light through the diversity of our members, and cherish the sense and feeling of community and acceptance that sometimes --- (would hope for often, here too) is to be found here. In short, I come here hoping to read and/or participate in civil, intelligent discussions.

    I do not come here to see who's better at pissing on whom; or who can beat another poster up quicker and meaner; or to find myself ever wondering if I were in the same room with someone (or some gang) from here whether I might possibly be hit, stomped or even shot. It is possible to do violence through words and keystrokes, and we have some masters at it on this site.

    It's great here when people behave as rational adults, with some sense of humor --- and without rancor --- even when we disagree. I have learned to walk away from diaries and discussions that have no genuine value for me.

    I fortunately missed the pie fight discussed above, but took a peek at the noted comments and can understand how those exchanges (and others I have run into lately in several diaries) caused someone to be hurt --- things were said that obviously were intended to do exactly that. And they did.

    Intended to hurt? And to keep repeating it, like a beat-down?

    That is a shameful thing, and so not helpful or needed, ever.

    I came to this diary tonight just after reading IGTNT: Something's happened to Scooter --- the addendum to the year-end, two day remembrance diary meant to honor all our (far too many) brothers and sisters who gave their lives in Afghanistan in 2012; and my mind and heart are always with those involved in our military who survive those "real" battles on our behalf and carry the all-too-real related physical, mental and spiritual scars after doing so. Though I hate that we are at war, they have earned my perpetual respect. I honor them, and their families. I am grateful for all of them, their service, and their lives.

    As for petty bullies on this, or any, Internet site? Not so much respect, at all.

    I wish people would reflect upon what really truly matters in our short lives, for themselves and others, before they ever decide to take a swing or shot at one or another --- physically, or virtually.

    And in case anyone decides they need to snarkily "thank me for my concern"?

    Yes, some here do cause me concern.  Real concern. WTF?

    So: Peace to all. Happy New Year. I hope.

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