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    This is an amazing list of actions.  Each action is not just one appointment, in some cases, one action appoint 199 people to the Foreign Service.  This looks like a really bigger deal that it even appears on paper, as it were.

    Could some one in a separate diary comment on what this means?  Were these people waiting around, or were they in their positions in a temporary or shackled way, present but unable to do their work?  Or were they not even there at all?  What was the White House vetting process for these appointments?  Will they be -- as the diarist suggests -- committed to the Obama agenda for the next four years from day 1?

    This list includes a number of ambassadorial appointments, including the ambassador to Afghanistan, and appointments to a number of African countries.  These are career diplomats.  Were these positions unfilled?   Pardon me, but that is horrendous!

    There are a number of board level appointments to important agencies, including one of my top ranked personal agencies, NOAA.  Also in Transportation Policy in several different agencies.  If these positions have been vacant, don't we have the hope of real progress in some of these areas in the next four years?  Shouldn't we have these names on a tickler file to write to and about on a regular basis ?

    This is an extraordinary piece of work by Sen. Reid.  I for one cannot imagine this being traded for filibuster reform, but this is terrific progress!  congrats to him.

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    by bob in ny on Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 12:42:39 PM PST

    •  You are looking at a list for the ENTIRE term (1+ / 0-)
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      of the now-last congress. The confirmations discussed in the O'Donnell piece are at the top of the list -- the Jan. 1 and 2 entries. Most of the positions you mention (e.g., NOAA) were well before that. The highest positions in this group were 2 ambassadors, for Kenya and Lithuania. At least one of the higher positions -- FTC commissioner -- will not be committed to the Obama agenda because he is a McConnell pick for a Republican slot. I don't know how many other appts fall in that category.

      You can read through the comments in this and the other diary on the topic to see whether people think this was a big deal or typical end-of-term business. I've opined elsewhere.

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