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View Diary: Anti-Orphan Politics in Russia Sends Messages of Intimidation and Hurts Orphans (16 comments)

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  •  Most Americans who adopt children from other (0+ / 0-)

    countries, simply want to be parents.  The fact that a child gets out of an orphanage is a bonus.  UNICEF estimates that there are 740,000 kids in state care in Russia.  Only 18,000 are listed as available for adoption, and at it's height, numbers wise, around 6,000 kids per year were adopted by Americans.  In the past few years, maybe 1,000 to 2,000 per year are adopted to American citizens.

    Russia has a huge problem:  The population is declining due to emigration and low birth rates, yet on a per capita basis, there are now more kids in institutions in Russia than there was after the devastation of WW2.  Adoption to the U.S. or any other nation hardly puts a dent in the total number of Russian orphans.  It is not meant to solve the whole problem, but to the individual children adopted, it means a world of difference for them.  That is why these adoptions should continue, it's in the individual children's best interests.

    Instead of Putin lashing out at the U.S., maybe he should get started on providing programs to keep children with their parents, support at risk families, develop national foster care programs, and encourage a society where adoption is accepted and done.  Westerners have been adopting Russian orphans for over twenty years, and Putin or his BFF Medvedev has been in charge for most of that time, so where is the accountability for him on how Russia treats it's vulnerable children?

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