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  •  So, we are like kids, asking about peanut butter? (0+ / 0-)

    Seriously? This is the analogy you chose, of your own free will, to use to represent this situation?

    I happen to think it is usually poor form to second guess the negotiators from your team. When I come home from the supermarket lugging many bags of groceries, and one of my kids asks why I bought this brand of peanut butter instead of another brand, I don't find that a helpful question, and I don't usually appreciate having to justify my choices.
    I find this analogy incredibly condescending. Is this how you treat your clients? Is it poor form when they question you? Unlike your children, your clients are paying you to do what they want. Also unlike your children, we are paying our elected representatives to do what we want.

    However, I would like to thank you for providing an abject lesson in what sorts of questions to ask a lawyer before hiring them. "Will you feel insulted if I question your techniques or the outcomes you achieve for me?" will be right up at the top of my list from now on.

    •  My clients pay me (0+ / 0-)

      for my independent judgment and advice. Of course I will zealously advocate for their interests, but what they are really paying me for is to tell them when it makes sense to fight, when to settle,  what claims are and are not worth presenting, and to give my best predictions of the likely outcomes and best options.

      In my experience, if a client chooses to disregard my advice that is of course their privilege, but usually in that case both of us will be better off if they hire a different lawyer.

      Sorry if you're insulted by my analogy. For the record, I would say that I think there are a lot of very smart and knowledgeable people on this site, and I can learn a lot from them. But there are also a lot of people on this site for whom the analogy might fit pretty well.

      •  Point taken (0+ / 0-)

        In the interest of letting this whole thing blow over, perhaps it is for the best if I just dropped it. As Armando said, it's done. I'll be completely honest and admit that, based on the evidence I have seen, I have no freaking idea whether this was any kind of a win for anyone, or not.

        I guess we'll know more later.

        I just don't think your diary was helpful. True or not, you lowered the tone of the discussion with your analogy, and exhibited contempt for those who disagree with you.

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