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    That's why as an attorney, it is vitally important to keep the client intimately involved with all the details of the negotiation. In fact, it's best to involve the client directly. That's what we do in mediation.
    ...this is not what happens in politics.

    In any case, your premise is nonsensical.

    The point of politics isn't 'negotiation' - it's the pursuit of power and influence.

    Who has the power currently? Clearly, not progressives.

    Progressives are not defining the terms of the negotiation, setting the ultimate goals, or creating situations in which the other side is forced to compromise.

    The bigger picture is that the rabid insane right has done an excellent job of pushing policy in a direction of its choosing.

    Even during Reagan's time, the current negotiated agreement would have been unthinkably reactionary and self-serving. Now it's paraded as if it's the best of all possible Panglossian solutions, with the pretence that we should all be grateful something worse didn't happen.

    Well. Of course something worse will happen the next time the GOP has a modicum of power. And the next. And the time after that.

    So this isn't even a victory. At best it's simply a holding action against further plutocracy.

    But we should still be grateful our betters did so well.


    In reality, consistently revising expectations downwards is the Way of the Democrat.

    When we can start revising our expectations upwards again, you may have a point that we can just leave the professionals to act in our interests.

    Until then, hell no.

    "Be kind" - is that a religion?

    by ThatBritGuy on Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 02:57:47 PM PST

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