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  •  Using a pump should NOT hurt (1+ / 0-)
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    Neither should breastfeeding.

    Many mothers have the suction on their pump set way too high.  It does not express the milk better or lead to higher yields of milk.  Some moms also need to use a different size shield.  A good IBCLC can help her evaluate that.

    If breastfeeeding hurts, then it is a sign that something is not right, usually with the latch, but a good LC can help fix that, too.  Not all LCs are up to snuff and not all LCs really are. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. IBCLCs have to take a certifying exam, have education and clinical experience requirements to meet before they can even sit the exam, and must meet certain continuing education requirements to keep their certification current.  IIRC, every 10 years, they must re-certify be exam.  

    Dr Suzanne Colson is a British midwife who has studied the impact of the infant's innate reflexes on newborn breastfeeding behaviors.  She has found that pretty much all of newborn infant reflexes are tied to being able to feed.  The stepping reflex- helps the newborn get to the breast.  The pushing they many babies do against the breast -tied to helping the baby get milk out of the breast.  Her work is very exciting to those of us in lactation work.

    One thing I should say is that there is a group of doctors interested in breastfeeding medicine:Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

    •  I would like to see some kind of study done (0+ / 0-)

      on women with hormonal imbalances and breast feeding. I made enough milk for 6 babies, and got lots of clogging, had lots of pain, gained weight while doing it, and as stated up-thread it made the babies crazy.

      If too much estrogen makes me crazy and makes me hurt, I can only imagine what astronomical amounts of that would do to an infant if it's coming through the milk. It's the only issue I could not eliminate during that period of time, that would explain the effects on the babies.

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