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View Diary: Mr. Turtle cluelessly clamors for debt limit debate that President Obama says he won't get (213 comments)

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  •  Krugman has laid this out many times (4+ / 0-)
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    TomP, Aspe4, mightymouse, BroadwayBaby1

    In particular to the point you are making he talked about Cantor's hypocrisy on "weaponized Keynesianism" [what a term btw] but he's been all over this stuff.  

    But Krugman's larger point - which bears repeating - is that the convo needs to be changed to, what are we going to be about jobs?  Aka the single biggest thing we could do to address our long-term deficit.  

    IIRC there's someone around here who does have a fairly big megaphone aka Bully Pulpit...

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