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  •  I've pretty much always (12+ / 0-)

    had animals around, so there's lots of stories. This is a story about Abby the dog. Abby was a stray who had been living in and around a local dog park and, though extremely shy, was friendly with the real Hugo Dog. Somebody must have been pretty nasty to her early on - she was always nervous with new men, especially if they had a beard. Somebody also did a terrible job docking her tail - my guess is that they used a car door. Eventually she came to live with him, but that's another story. She spent the first year with us cowering in the corner whenever I came into the room.  She was  certainly a "heinz 57", brindle, and I've always suspected a coydog. She never told me what her mom & dad were like. She was also very protective of her personal space - unless she invited another animal in, the other 4 legger would get a bark and probably a snap if they came too close, certainly a snarl and a demonstration of tooth. Even so, she and Hugo were like an old husband & wife team. But, because of Abby's snarkiness, we were worried when we brought a new (human) baby into the house. Well, early on Abby heard the baby making some newborn kid sounds and proceeded to run back and forth between my wife and the baby over and over until my wife picked our daughter up. We knew by her actions that afternoon that everything would be A-OK.

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    by HugoDog on Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 11:10:43 AM PST

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