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View Diary: Welcome to the 113th Congress, and good riddance to the 112th! (74 comments)

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  •  112th Congress most worthless in generations (21+ / 0-)

    According to Charles Blow, this departing Congress made the "do-nothing" Congress assailed in the 1940's by Harry Truman look like a well-oiled legislative juggernaut:

    The 112th Congress is set to enter the Congressional record books as the least productive body in a generation, passing a mere 173 public laws as of last month. That was well below the 906 enacted from January 1947 through December 1948 by the body President Harry S. Truman referred to as the ‘do-nothing’ Congress, and far fewer than even a single session of many prior Congresses.”

    That’s an abominable shame. The one function of a lawmaker is to make laws. They can no longer seem to do that in any meaningful way.

    •  You know you're in legislative hell when... (7+ / 0-)

      the Senate is thought of as the body that gets things done!

      And while I applaud Harry Reid and his often thankless job, the current stuff on the Rec List about the nominations ushered through as part of the annual housecleaning in the Senate was no big "deal". To repeat what I've already posted:

      Most of these appointments were lower level with a few district judgeships thrown in.  Note that the circuit appeals judgeships were not approved. Reid does deserve credit for working these through, but it happens as part of the year end cleaning house.

      I watched L.O. last night too, and I was pissed off that he made such a gushing big deal over this annual event. Lawrence  gives  McTurtle some credit, where he deserves zero credit, BTW. Most of these should have been approved weeks/months ago.

      Pass filibuster reform now, Dems, or get ready for a very painful couple of years!

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