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View Diary: Current TV sold to Feudal Lord. Al Gore sells out. Anger??? (136 comments)

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    At worst, it's just another global media business, owned by rich guys in Qatar instead of by Walt Disney.

    But the indications are that, by the undemanding standards of television news, they do produce a solid product.  In the meantime, I've got 200 channels of bullshit on cable, all owned by the same few media companies.  And Current TV had no traction -- they are in the same tier as BBC America, but which has larger viewership?

    One of two things (or perhaps both) is going to happen.  First, if MSNBC's liberal talk gets high enough ratings, Joe Scarborough will leave for greener pastures: they're already looking to program something else besides true crime on weekends because they think that they can make this profitable.  (And Comcast, like our feudal lords in Qatar, only cares about money.  If they can make it broadcasting left wing content, they will do so.)  Second, we're going to develop some talent who pull in serious audience share.  This might be one of our talkers now, or it might be someone new.  (The closest we ever came was Keith Olbermann.  But Olbermann had an ego the size of a large 18 wheeler.  

    Right wing talk radio and TV are successful because there are four or five dominant figures who are such a reliable source of listeners that right wing talk is a financially safe medium.  We don't really have that on the left, in large part because the talent pool is larger and more diverse.  That makes for better content, but it's called "mass" media for a reason.

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      Right wing talk radio and TV have been safe mediums in the past, but maybe no longer.

      Just wanted to note that, because given the steady bleeding of advertising from Limbaugh's show this year and the resulting collateral damage to other Right Wing talk as advertisers seek less controversial programs to advertise their product on, and given the apparent drop-off of viewership on a number of Fox News' offerings since the election, it's possible that right wing talk might no longer be as safe a medium as it was a few years ago.  Plus, right wing talk's main viewership is literally dying off, since their primary audience is generally elderly.

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