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View Diary: A Kossack Goes To War: "Alright, here's the real "I'm going to Iraq diary." (161 comments)

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  •  Hopefully... (none)
    your Korean comes in handy.

    Don't take any shit from anyone who tells you to do something you know is fucked up.  I know what its like to have your career on the line and to be told that you have to do something immoral, or unethical.  I've fought that battle many times.  Not in war zones, but in my career.  I work in the heartless television industry, which is a lot less liberal than people want to think.

    I can't really relate, but I will stick up for you any way I can, as will everyone else here, if you refuse certain orders.  Keep your people safe, but don't let them destroy your sense of morality.

    And let us know if anyone needs anything.  Candy, baby wipes, t-shirts.  My cousin just got back, and another friend was there during the invasion.  Its dirty, and the candy helps with the dry air.

    Fight for peace, fight their war your way.  Do your best, and come home safe.  Most importantly, keep your mind straight.  Its going to be tough.

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