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  •  In which social science gets used... (36+ / 0-)

    well a lot of mass shooters play video games, therefore video games must be partially to blame.

    Considering that no one has yet shown a causative link, no, they must not. It might be worth investigating, but no.

    Meanwhile, there are masses of evidence showing that authoritarian, entitled, all-male groups tend to produce higher rates of sexual violence. And funny that, most HS/College football teams fit that bill.

    Somehow I bet you wouldn't make that argument, because as everyone here knows, correlation does not equal causation.

    Indeed, it doesn't. But you appear to be arguing that we should ignore the correlation because....the correlation isn't 100%? Why should we ignore it? Because some people who play sports aren't bad?

    and i bet if you looked at those statistics you'd be wrong, they are simply publicized more because athletes are high profile compared to the average student.

    I leave it as an exercise to the reader as to why this is significant when discussing entitlement.

    yes, there are problems with entitlement, and the instinct to protect the team, but that doesn't create rapists and it doesn't create victims and it doesn't cause crime.

    But does it make it more likely that a rape will occur? Does it make it more likely that there will be victims?  You're arguing "No, it has nothing to do with it." for reasons I've not seen you actually present.

    You may be right; I doubt it, but consider the consequences if you are wrong -- there will be more criminals, there will be more victims, there will be more crime, because we decided "Oh, no, this has nothing to do with it, we should let it go and not discuss it any more."

    Perhaps you're afraid that my next argument is going to be "Football causes rapes, let's ban football." If that's your worry, rest assured, I'm not going there. What I'd like to see is the Steubenville HS get a 4-year football ban. After that, we'll see if the people of Steubenville decide that rape is worth not having football.

    Because right now, it's clear that many people think that winning football is worth having some rapists in the program.

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