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View Diary: The "Fiscal Cliff" and the Coming Retirement Crisis of the Middle Class (90 comments)

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  •  Depends (14+ / 0-)

    on who in my generation you're talking about. I totally agree if you're talking about. I'd agree if you're gnashing your teeth at Reagan's flunkies, Bush I and Bush II's, but the government economy was doing fairly well along about 2000. We've had two wars and a bunch of military hardware purchased since and somebody's got to pay for it. Bush II advised people to go shopping after 9/11 and he wasn't kidding. The interest on all those credit card purchases kept our creditors happy until the whole country sailed off the cliff like Wiley Coyote.
    Remember Gore wanted to put the then solvent Social Security in a lockbox? Remember George Bush II pulling SS vouchers out of a file and saying they weren't worth the paper they were written on? Purportedly over 50% of the US population voted for the latter. If you want to blame them it's AOK by me, but in the meantime some of the rest of us lost our future as well and are now in the same boat you will be. We all need to fix what we can with understanding and sympathy because, as the diarist says it could get even uglier.

    "We are monkeys with money and guns". Tom Waits

    by northsylvania on Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 01:55:48 PM PST

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    •  I totally agree. (11+ / 0-)

      Let's remind people that the reckless banking behavior destroyed the babyboomers retirement investments.  They stole our 401K money and they devalued our properties.  I didn't vote for any of those laws or for the people that voted for those laws that allowed this reckless behavior.

      •  And when Reagan 60% of Americans had defined (1+ / 0-)
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        Kenneth Thomas

        benefits pensions. Now 8% do.

        401ks were a shitty idea for working and middle class peoples retirement and no working people were screaming to have their pensions gambled on Wall St.

        They want to weaken SS with this CPI scam, make the program under perform for recipients so they can shower  that pile of trust fund money onto Wall Sts. casino floor.

        In 1935 the Wall St poobahs tried to FDR to let them manage the SS money, and this not 10 years after 1929.

        No repug Resident could pull this off, like NAFTA it will have to be a conservadem and I'm looking at you Barack Obama!

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