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View Diary: GOP will make Democrats own any entitlement cuts (290 comments)

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    They will have a hard time getting a bill that satisfies the wingnuts but is sane enough to pass the senate. if they go through committes, Dems can report what is in these bills make the public aware.

    Why do u think they keep insisting that the prez and Dems name the cuts to SS and Medicare? Boehner forsees a situation where the prez keeps offering cuts to entitlements while he and his crazy caucus demands more. The big difference this time with the fiscal? The prez came in with a low ball offer and refused to budge until the GOP made counter offers.

    Policy wise they are bankrupt, seeing this-boehner became frustated and tried to enact plan B which failed miserably. If Dems refuse to negotiate, Reid and senate Dems pass a clean debt ceiling bill---they will be in a huge bind while the nation watches.

    •  I do not think you are remembering the Bush (3+ / 0-)
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      zaka1, wishingwell, Eddie L

      years prior to 2006 very well with regard to what can go on in committee and how little we and even Democratic Members know about bills before they hit the floor.

      •  two things (0+ / 0-)

        The teabaggers who will not vote for anything unless it is the most craziest, draconian bill,

        second--bill needs to be sent to the senate for consideration.

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