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View Diary: GOP will make Democrats own any entitlement cuts (290 comments)

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  •  not only long-term consequences... (7+ / 0-)

    Beyond the bubble, virtually no sane American wants cuts to Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid.  

    If President Obama compromises yet again, he will be serving the interest of a (relative handful) of wealthy folks and ignoring several hundred million Americans' very real needs and concerns.  

    President Johnson's calculated decision to fight for civil rights and sacrifice the southern Democrats  related to a defensible position; going against all Democrats (and most Republicans) by cutting the very lifelines many of us rely upon just to appease the wealthy pundits (e.g., Joe Scarborough; Rush Limbaugh) and the insane Republicans in Congress is not going to help in the short term or the long term and is indefensible.

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