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  •  Thanks Steven D (8+ / 0-)

    this is by far a more important discussion than whether or not everybody's happy with their cliff, or all the rest of the daily drama of the DC bubble.
    No economic projections factor in a world where frogs (and bats and bees) are suddenly and permanently gone and what that might do to say, grain futures or malaria outbreaks, so those projections are quite possibly worthless.
    Kind of like what is beginning to happen in the insurance industry; it's dawning on insurers that the ocean is not where it used to be, and is going to keep coming, and faster than their denial mechanisms had allowed them to hope. And droughts create more wildfires that burn expensive homes, and the corn crop might be more expensive to insure if the damn drought doesn't let up ...

    Those are the calculations our betters should be making.
    Those are the business of a society that is factually based and globally aware, in possession of knowledge of its own folly.
    Until we change the easy ability to obsess over minutiae while our living space descends into unlivability (for us, anyway), we can't even begin to work on the true problem. The end of not only capitalism, but all limitless expansionism, exploitation, and extraction.  

    Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything - Malcolm X via Skindred

    by kamarvt on Thu Jan 03, 2013 at 04:23:05 PM PST

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