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View Diary: Are any bills being contemplated that address the education/mental illness/ gun linkages? (111 comments)

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    •  That's not a strawman. (0+ / 0-)

      You should learn the named fallacies. It's useful, not just in identifying it when they're used against you, but also when you're using them yourself without realizing it.

      "Strawman" is when you misrepresent your opponent's position in a way that's easy to rebut and then start to demolish it. It's not that easy, you still have to make the misrepresentation plausible enough that people will believe it. For instance, you can't claim that Mitt Romney wants to sell black infants into slavery to pay for the cost of welfare, and by god haven't we already decided as a nation that slavery is wrong??!? That would be a "strawman", and a poorly-conceived one.

      Your position almost certainly isn't that merchant marines have a lot of time on their hands to watch the night sky. That's my position. I never claimed it was yours. Furthermore, I'm not tearing down that position, I use it to make the point that expertise isn't a matter of just clocking in as many hours as possible.

      At best you can claim that it's a bad analogy. But to claim it's a strawman is bizarre and incorrect.

      •  Okay (0+ / 0-)
        Multiple hours of exposure to a child in the child's normal life is something that virtually no psychologist will ever have
        Also get to look at the night sky far more than professional astronomers.

        Guess how many major astronomical discoveries they made last year?

        Time spent interacting with a child on a daily basis because that interaction is the purpose of them being in that same place is exactly the same as sailors who stare at the sky in the moments they aren't busy.  My apologies.

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