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    It is true that some kids (perhaps many) who are homeschooled are also not vaccinated. But if the vaccine wears off 5 years or so, then it's not just those kids who are potential carriers of the disease. It is also every adult who has not had a booster shot recently.

    The most vulnerable are young infants, who are not vaccinated until at least 2 months of age. Any adult who comes into close contact with a young infant needs to be sure that s/he has had vaccines recently updated. You can be a carrier of the disease as an adult while exhibiting no symptoms, or seeming only to have a normal cold.

    By far the majority of deaths from pertussis occur among infants and toddlers.

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      I have had a Tdap booster. I plan to have one every five years. Why in blazes this has not been added to the list of recommendations of vaccinations for all ages, I do not know. Don't forget tetnaus or shingles, either.

      Family stories about my late Aunt getting whooping cough as a child are frightening. She needed the nursing care of relatives practically 24/7.

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