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View Diary: The Steubenville Gang Rape - A Timeline *Slight Update* (286 comments)

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  •  Well, I'm not saying that we were noble and then (0+ / 0-)

    we went downhill, what I'm saying is that we have cycled through a period of change.
    I'm speaking about generalized culture here, not the evolution of intellectual thought:
    You could say that the '20's was a wave period of growth in empowerment for women, with suffrage, and the "flapper" freedom to "jazz" dance,drink, smoke cigarette, etc. Then you had a crackdown in the 30's, and you had the grinding poverty of the Depression drive a lot of reactionary instincts. Then you had WWII and "Rosie the riveter" and other power gains by women. Then you had the '50's and the crackdown on women and the obsession with family, etc.
    Then you had the Cultural explosion of the 60's that drove an era of change into the 80's.
    Then with Reagan and the empowerment of the religious right, you started to see a shift, a general conservative backlash and the development of a caricature of masculinity that involved guns and a redefinition of ideal womanhood as "dumb blonde". etc.
    I know I'm being extremely "general' here, but I think we've seen a broad trend that has had some very ugly specific consequences including an indifference about violence against women, the religious right's attack on reproductive rights, gun obsession, etc.
    You see the same things across the world as conservative cultures are beset by change, and some of the change involves the empowerment of women and the change in gender roles relative to the economy, etc.
    Seeing these cycles, we can establish a model for the next cycle, which interprets women's lib as also being men's lib. (which it is). It is also pro-family, if women aren't punished and penalized by the economy for having and raising kids, and are given help, that helps sustain a family unit.
    Yes, a lot of men are shits but so are a lot of women. The main thing is that generally speaking, women have the task of raising children, and the men go off and refuse to grow up some more. (My brother, however, was an exception to that rule, he got custody of his kids and raised them. I moved back to Texas to help him when the  youngest was in 1st grade. I stayed with them until my brother remarried several years later.)

    Right now, in our country we need to emphasize the real definition of manhood as being a responsible nurturer of children, rather than as an expert in the use of semiautomatic weapons. We don't do that well enough.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    by David54 on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 07:42:46 AM PST

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