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    I'm frankly so sick of diaries that look at a single piece of a Washington deal and then expect readers' heads to explode on how weak Obama was.

    Last one I read criticized the expiration of the FICA "holiday" never mentioning that it was strongly opposed by FICA and the AARP because it created the actuarial mirage that SS was a lot worse off than it really was. (When you write you have the obligation to reflect some knowledge of the topic.)

    And you also have to look at the entire picture. Last time, what was on the table in the Senate were also SALTII and DADT. Obama got both through without filibuster as part of the deal, and that was important.

    This time, turns out, we got over 100 Senatorial confirmations that had been stalled for a year or more. Maybe a few other "understandings." (I wouldn't trust Boehner for any "understandings" because he doesn't have the power to keep his promises, but perhaps McConnell does.

    Biden isn't a total fool, you know.

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