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View Diary: Civility Starts With Each and Every One of Us (128 comments)

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  •  Markets don't regulate themselves, to expect (7+ / 0-)

    the Dailykos community to regulate itself is ludicrous (though pleas to better part of our natures like this diary are a step in the right direction).

    What's needed is moderation. A simple set of guidelines of what is and is not acceptable and then enforcement--full-time--of those guidelines by moderators.

    If it's a matter of cost, a special drive to cover the costs (or perhaps subscriptions in which all the revenue goes to pay for moderation) is something I would donate to and I suspect so would many other Kossaks.

    It's time to disabuse ourselves of our adolescent libertarian fantasies that DailyKos will police itself--this kind of magical thinking doesn't work on Wall Street, doesn't work in society as a whole, and it doesn't work here.

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