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View Diary: Civility Starts With Each and Every One of Us (128 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the heartfelt commentary, but (1+ / 0-)
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    Dave in Northridge
    There are some very good kossacks who have recently talked about leaving or at least taking a break. That's serious.  
    This as old as the hills.   If they want to leave, let them.   It is why we no longer have GBCW diaries.  
    We need to listen and not dismiss people's feelings!
     While I wouldn't state it quite this way, I do agree with this in concept.   No one should deliberately and intentionally hurt anyone.  However, the fact that an adult has to be told to "control their emotions and to use their words" says it all.  

    This is a political blog and that is why we are all here.   That makes parties, policies, public officials and personalities, ideologies, and process fair game.    Individual Kossacks are not.   There is no reason I can't say I hate elm trees because they are stupid.  If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it; and if it does, it still can be left unworn.     There is plenty of reason. however,  why I shouldn't say, I hate dkmich the elm tree because she is stupid.  

    How hard can it be to control and avoid emotions that lead to hurt and hurtful behavior?     I avoid "I heart Obama diaries" because a) that is how I see them, b) I have nothing constructive to add, and c) life can suck enough without adding to my woes.   If Kossacks stayed the hell out of diaries they obviously disagree with and enter just to argue and fight, we would all be a lot happier.

    To end where this begins, thank you for the heartfelt commentary.   Even though I don't agree with many of your statements, I do agree with your goal.   As OPOL would say, "peace out".    We could all do a lot more of that.  

    What we need is a Democrat in the White House.

    by dkmich on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 05:00:57 AM PST

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