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    The spin is good and keep practicing it but anyone close to retirement age isn't going to buy it as a practical matter.   You can have fine esoteric discussions with PhD level DC wonks who assume that no one is every going to find them unemployable when they are 50 and on the down trend but the purpose remains the same.  The purpose is to reduce Social Security benefits to poverty levels and then to incrementally adjust the benefit for the most very poor who will have to humiliate themselves by claiming poverty status.   This will not in fact protect the vulnerable.   It will claim to protect the vulnerable.  

    As even us dumb folks know, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  The harder you to try to make this an intellectual argument about how many peas fit in the shell, the more the average person figures out that it's all just one big shell game, one big con, and their role is stoopid mark.

    •  what's funny is this (0+ / 0-)
      The spin is good and keep practicing it but anyone close to retirement age isn't going to buy it as a practical matter.
      I'm close to retirement age.  I have 2 older siblings that are retired.  This is an issue that does directly affect me now. It's not some esoteric discussion to me.  Yet I'm not as concerned about it as I am about privatizing or raising the eligibility age.

      And I also know very well about the difficulty in finding a job when you're over 50.  Try being over 60.  I've been unemployed for 2 years.  The only jobs I've been able to cobble together are temporary ones filled in between by UI which will run out in March.  I'm personally benefiting from the PCIP in the ACA and will likely benefit from the UI extension just agreed to.  

      Attempts to belittle those you don't agree with only diminish your own arguments.

      •  Well as Wendy said they won't stop with this (0+ / 0-)

        They aren't only going to change the calculation.  They're also going after Medicare and the eligibility ages on both.  So at the very best status quo, we're inevitably going to see increases in Medicare premiums which will drive down the net Social Security benefit even without the Chained CPI.  

        I'm just saying this is one tough long run battle and believing these wonks who try to bafflegab you with b.s. is just being a pawn in the game.  

        I just rant because I am so darn angry that you cannot believe them.  I've tried to get honest, straightforward, simple answers from both of my Democratic Senators and I can get NOTHING.  

        They are trying NOT to tell you the truth.  And that is not how representative government should work.

        •  "they" meaning the GOP (0+ / 0-)

          well yes, they've been going after them ever since the programs were started.

          Inevitably going to see medicare premium increases?  medicare premiums increase just like insurance premiums do. They're rising from $99 in 2012 to $104 in 2013.   The best way to keep that increase as low as possible is to keep health care costs down.  

          You have to be careful about being baffled from all people.  I never just look at one side of an issue.  Nor do I look at any issue in isolation.  

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