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  •  Hi there Abra, I was out with my neighbor. I got (4+ / 0-)
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    some stuffed grape leaves from Kroger's deli. I'm eating them now. We have fun going out and doing nothing. Just a chance to jabber to each other.

    •  Hi you & WIW , others - Gotta find my way into (6+ / 0-)

      shower before I will venture out into Great Unknown. Not been brave about getting my hands higher than head with the Bad Bones events tying in with one rainy front after another in the last few weeks.  Hair not attractive , smell like Daniel Boone's ugly cousins. No where TO go - one friend is not home , other is getting sermon etc. ready for tomorrow. Ain't got no woman to see. Just my little sleepy dog and me.Wish I had a 12 string acoustic , had remotest ability to play guitar. I would play and sing the bloo - hoo , hooo , ohnowhow i mii - iiss you , and  long to see your smile ag'in; and now I want to cryyy- iiiii - hiiii , take you back into my lonely arms ag'in. Hank Willimas, Sr. already wrote that or something similar that goes rolling through my head instead of any soft, sweet and lovely dreams.

      Good friends are a dime per molecule.

      by Abra Crabcakeya on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 10:48:25 AM PST

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      •  I wished you lived near me. I'd take you out to do (5+ / 0-)

        nothing except gab with me anytime you wanted. I hope you find a new girlfriend soon.

        •  THat would be nice , flumpty. THis time of year (6+ / 0-)

          is famously evocative of loss, disappointment , life events far below our hopes and expectations. I've had a good bit of that at this time in recent years, and my life-long love of being in the woods in the winter is sorta ripped away by physical disability and the deaths and otherwise passing of friends and relatives with whom i hunted , took canoe trips ,and even just enjoyed spreading out piles of seed to watch the birds enjoy. THat reminds me - I didn't put out birdseed any this summer/fall because of CDC and State HD warnings about WNV dangers greater than usual this year - mosquitoes have been knocked back nicely by these recent cold nights. So , if you'll excuse me , talking with you has reminded me of something available to do that i enjoy. THanks , flumpty!

          Good friends are a dime per molecule.

          by Abra Crabcakeya on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 11:22:20 AM PST

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