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View Diary: Gabby Giffords heads to Newtown: The voice America needs? (53 comments)

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  •  TY Wake (1+ / 0-)
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    Their visit was requested by not designated by  families but lumped as requested -  then meeting with families of SH.

    So maybe I am wrong in being so hostile........this has effected me more visceral than I can express.  I find that I am belligerent, aggressive, protective .....I don't know why I am having these strong feelings.  It is very uncharacteristic.

    •  Events leave shockwaves, UFOH1. (1+ / 0-)
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      I think your response is actually very similar to mine, and that of many others affected by the horror of it all --- and  facing further disuptions by media and other "outsiders" only adds to the stress.

      Put simply, the events at Sandy Hook absolutely ruined my holidays this year. Others I know share this loss. I say this, knowing it is still very early for me in processing my own feelings about Newtown.

      Hell, am still processing my feelings about the 9-11 attacks on NYC and DC, at specific places I had visited in the past. I think I will be working to put all that behind me for as long as I live. (Am grateful not to have been there when it happened; but I lived under the flightpath for one of the planes and may have heard it fly over that morning.)

      And am now sitting less than an hour away from the other shooting that cost innocent lives in Webster, NY --- in a neighborhood where I sometimes spent time several years ago; near a former lakeshore home of mine just a few miles from the scene on Lake Ontario.

      So, guess I might claim some empathy for your feelings.

      Do you have anyone you can speak with openly  about your feelings? It often helps to talk through things with someone (professional, or not --- maybe just a friend who listens well?).

      Cheers ~ WUN

      •  The memorials in the center of town at the (1+ / 0-)
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        junctions of rte 302 and 25 have been removed on the corner of the NPD.  The soggy teddy bears, flowers, posters - it was time.  They will be made into a final memorial at some location that parents and the town want.

        The immense memorial in Sandy Hook - the same.  Parents were given the choice to select any memento before the removal.

        Fate - a friends daughter played with Ana just a week before she was killed.  Ana was a twin - there is a utube of her singing and her twin brother playing the piano.

        Anther friends daughter applied for  Lauren Rousseau's job.  So while my children are grown and out of the  Newtown school system some of their friends are not.

        I live alone except for my animals.  Guess that says it all.

        I will get through this. I know this but I will be muddling through for a while as I gather all my thoughts and  how I want to proceed to further a meaningful discussion to prevent this slaughter from happening again.

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