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  •  Propose away, GOP! (17+ / 0-)

    And, uh, good luck getting through the Senate...

    In the just-concluded fiscal curb negotiations, progressives were quite right in emphasizing that the White House could do NOTHING and tax rates would go up on everyone January 1. This was the fulcrum of Obama's negotiating stance.

    Now, as of March 1, if the White House and Congress do NOTHING, the sequester cuts (with ALL their exemptions) go into effect. Defense WILL be cut. Non-Defense and NON-EXEMPT discretionary spending WILL be cut. (Back in August of 2011 there were some diaries by some front pagers IIRC that said should it come to implementing said cuts, the Budget Reconciliation Act (the name of the 2011 deal) gave the executive branch the authority to implement the cuts.
         So the President would get to choose which Boehner district, Cantor District, McCarthy District, Gohmert District, Bachmann district, etc. defense contract cuts, base closings, bridges, sewers, levees, etc. get cut, and which Pelosi district, Van Hollen district, Grijalva district, Hoyer district projects get spared....

    Just saying there's a lot here. (And we'll hear all about it ad nauseum for the next 8 weeks...)


    "God has given wine to gladden the hearts of people." Psalm 104:15

    by WineRev on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 06:57:01 AM PST

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