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    splintersawry, Creosote

    I mean, that's what he SAYS he believes in.  That's what Rumsfeld said too, so the packaging was already available.

    Anyway, let's look at what he actually proposes.  It's right on the web!

    So, headline dollars - the President is supporting lowering them... to roughly 2004 levels.  Which itself was about 200 billion a year more than we spent in 1998, and higher than our budget during the Vietnam war.

    Now, some language lifted directly from the President's packaging:

    Maintain key capabilities
    •Aircraft carrier fleet at long-term level of 11 Ships/10 Air Wings
    •Big-deck amphibious fleet
    •Current bomber fleet
    •Sustain Army/Marine Corps Pacific force structure

    Also persistent presence in Middle East
    •Forward station littoral combat ship in Singapore/patrol craft in Bahrain
    Also, notice how on page 13 of that link, there are tens in billions of dollars of "Investments" for 2013, but then they try to contrast that by showing 75 billion in savings - but those savings are spread over 4 years!

    The idea that the Democratic Party establishment isn't as fully committed to a growing military-industrial complex is a joke.  We ought to be talking about how quickly we can cut the DoD budget in half.  Instead we're talking about maintaining our global empire, and paying for it by raising veteran health care fees.  

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