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    you are suggesting he ought to yank more committee assignments from obstreperous Tea Partiers. Yet, as a recent popular diary points out, these days precious few bills actually get crafted in committee anyway; any legislation on anything important that could pass the Senate get signed into law will be drafted in the Smoke-Filled Room at four in the morning by Boehner and Obama and/or their appointed negotiators. So kicking them off their committees does poke them in the eye and make them less likely to do anything Boehner wants, and doesn't make it any more likely for sane legislation to emerge from the House as far as I can see. Any GOP congresssman from a red state, whether he's a Tea Partier or not, is far more afraid of the Tea Party base and a primary challenger than he is of John Boehner and anything John Boehner could do to him.

    Boehner's position seems to be a natural result of the right-wing media strategy that has pushed the GOP base further and further to the extreme right. Compromise with Democrats? The base on which he depends for support doesn't want him to compromise with reality. He is in an impossible position. If he weren't John Boehner I'd actually feel sorry for him, but he is so there's no chance of that.

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    by eataTREE on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 08:36:20 AM PST

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