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View Diary: Did you know that banning assault weapons is like racial discrimination? (20 comments)

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    Steveningen, Miggles

    nothing is ever perfect, not the first time out nor the fifteenth time out.  But they can be improved.  And as for these generalized fear that pink guns or black guns will be banned because of illogical reasons,  those are absurdities.  As powerful as the gun lobby is, if they made good arguments, based in reason and what is dangerous and what looks tough but is never used in a crime, they would be listened to.   They choose instead to fear monger, raise ridiculous arguments and oppose everything.  At some point if you become so radicalized that you can't speak reasonably, can't compromise, you will be marginalized in the face of real world major problems that the public demands answers to.

    Right now it may be best to focus on a particular type of rapid fire/high volume weapon that has become the weapon of choice of mass murderers in public places, malls, schools, movie theaters, places people gather in groups that make them particularly vulnerable to being mowed down quickly before any real response can be mounted to save them.

    Ordinary handguns account for more deaths annually, but don't present the same kind of easy to see cause and effect,  instead they represent lots of deaths, from a myriad of issues, from accident to domestic argument to armed robbery.  There will be no one size fits all solution for that.

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