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View Diary: That time Paul Ryan was a 'moderate' on abortion? Just kidding! (63 comments)

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  •  So why aren't pre-reproductive control liberals (0+ / 0-)

    clearly stating a counter morality?  Why do woman on the side of choice declare that they would NEVER choose abortion for themselves?
    We are not just loosing, we have lost the argument.
    The choice of abortion is a MORAL choice if a woman cannot care for that child OR CARE FOR HERSELF FIRST.
    A child born to an ill-prepared mother is immoral and injures the living.

    •  A worthy debate...outside of government (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not familiar with the term "pre-reproductive control liberals", but the women on the side of choice are exactly that---for choice.  They have a set of beliefs like all of us do, that may not comport with other's beliefs.  The entire point is that to be pro-choice, you can choose your own beliefs and not infer an inferior or superior morality on others.

      I choose not to drink alcohol.  But that choice does not suggest that I think it is immoral for others to drink.

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