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View Diary: The Republican hypocrites who voted against Sandy relief bill (117 comments)

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    to understand.  The hardcore Teabagger/deficit hawks are smarting over the fiscal cliff stand-down, and the loss of (some) Bush-era tax cuts.  They turn around and seek revenge.  Low and behold.  The disaster-struck states are New York and New Jersey, two of the most dependable hotbeds of liberal/Democratic support for the last seventy years.  They could only have wished that California was in the sights as well.

    It doesn't have to have anything to do with personal animousity towards Christie.  Hard-core red-neck "wingers" HATE New York.  It's where bankers and liberals and (don't say this too loud) Jews live.  Ground Zero for the origin of all bloated social programs.  Franklin Roosevelt was from New York.  They had to vote aid to New York after 9/11 because, well, those were FOREIGNERS.  But if Sandy was an Act of God, then obviously God doesn't like New Yorkers any better than they do.

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