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    fought against greater inclusion for women and for gay Americans in the military
    This is a fucking atrocity that he could still get this kind of job. And his pro-useless-war stance (awesome characteristic for a Secretary of "Defense" to have!) should have immediately disqualified him as well, though I'm not really familiar with the man so I don't know his opinions on Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment. I'm not holding my breath he did a sudden 180° though.

    The more I read about him, the more I want to puke:

    During his twelve years in Congress, Hagel was an ardent opponent of abortion rights, racking up an average 94 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. When first running for Senate, in 1995, he took a hard line against abortion rights, saying he didn't believe exceptions for rape or incest were necessary because, he said, so few pregnancies were involved. "As I looked at those numbers," Hagel told the Omaha World Herald, "if I want to prevent abortions, I don't think those two exceptions are relevant."
    He voted six times, most recently in 2003, to prevent American servicewomen from using their own money to pay for abortions at military facilities abroad. That policy drastically limited servicewomen's options, especially since many countries where the military is stationed forbid abortion. Some women were forced to continue unwanted pregnancies or had to return home to obtain abortions, putting their careers at risk.
    (Quotes courtesy of Mother Jones)

    This Hagel is, by the way, obviously "one of the boys" - those misogynists who close their eyes to the fact that sexual assault is even more rampant in the military than among the general population. He's obviously one of the many bastards who actively perpetuate the silencing, demeaning and threatening of servicewomen who dare to speak about being raped by other soldiers. And he has the gall to say "rapes don't cause that many pregnancies".

    Oh, and the President's second pick seemed to be Michele Flournoy, a great Progressive woman who is much more in line with the administration's positions than any Republican could ever be. She would've broken the glass ceiling too. But nah, semi-qualified-looking white males will always be chosen over the most overqualified women.

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