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  •  Gays need to remember that they are Americans (1+ / 0-)
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    1) To some extent, I was bemused by the whole quarrel over gays in the military.   My father served in the Army during the Korean War -- and he was puzzled as well.  He said there were gays in the Army then, people knew it and no one cared so long as they did their job and didn't hit on a straight too strongly.  He said they mostly kept to themselves socially.
    2) Gays are my fellow countrymen -- and no American should have to suffer loss of jobs, insults,etc for being gay.
    3) But this is about the Secretary of DEFENSE.   And gays need to stop grinding their particular ax and look at this as American citizens.
    4) We had over 4500 American soldiers killed in an unnecessary war.  In part because Joe Lieberman invited Bibi Natanyahu in 2002 to address the US Congress and American People and tell us that we needed to take out Saddam before he used his nukes on us.  Did Mossad ever find those nukes?
    5) The people touting Hillary Clinton for SecDef evidently don't remember Israeli billionaire Haim Saban dumping $15 Million into the Democratic races in 2000-2002 -- and then boasting to Haaretz over how Bill Clinton had Chelsea fetch soft drinks for Haim whenever he deigned to visit the White House.   Check out wikipedia's article on him -- then google "You made it big, you jerk" and "Haim Saban".  
    Haaretz pulled part of that Avi Shavit interview --but the Muslim Brotherhood saved it.  I read the Haaretz original -- and the brotherhood's copy is exact.
    6) Does anyone  remember Howard Dean being knifed in the back by billionaire S Daniel Abraham in the 2004 primary -- after Dean merely said the US needed to be an objective referee in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks?
    and scroll down to "Fat Contribution"

    Note: Forward was wrong -- S Daniel Abraham actually dumped $200,000 into that "Sabotage Dean" campaign.  And Dean couldn't even find out who was behind it until months later because of the FEC quarterly reporting requirements.  

    And the knife AIPAC Steve Grossman stuck into Dean --right before the Wisconsin vote--was a classic.  As the Forward article notes.

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