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  •  The next really big La Nina (12+ / 0-)

    'till then you are going to be dealing with drought and low water.

    look for my eSci diary series Thursday evening.

    by FishOutofWater on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 03:47:47 PM PST

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    •  I hope you guys (26+ / 0-)

      can figure out some ways to work against Foxx for her next election.  If and when you do, please let us know how we can pitch in to work against her.  I am going to join in any campaigns to work against them whether it's a challenger, a campaign to write to their offices, whatever.  There has to be some blowback for this.  I'm going to focus on the reps closest to me like the jerks in PA but I want to do whatever small things I can to work against the other ones too.

      Justin Amash    R    MI-3
      Andy Barr    R    KY-6
      Dan Benishek    R    MI-1
      Kerry Bentivolio    R    MI-11
      Marsha Blackburn    R    TN-7
      Jim Bridenstine    R    OK-1
      Mo Brooks    R    AL-5
      Paul Broun    R    GA-10
      Steven J. Chabot    R    OH-1
      Doug Collins    R    GA-9
      K. Michael Conaway    R    TX-11
      Tom Cotton    R    AR-4
      Steve Daines    R    MT-1
      Ron DeSantis    R    FL-6
      Scott DesJarlais    R    TN-4
      Sean Duffy    R    WI-7
      Jeffrey Duncan    R    SC-3
      John J. Duncan Jr.    R    TN-2
      Stephen Fincher    R    TN-8
      John Fleming    R    LA-4
      Bill Flores    R    TX-17
      Virginia Foxx    R    NC-5
      Trent Franks    R    AZ-8
      Louie Gohmert    R    TX-1
      Robert W. Goodlatte    R    VA-6
      Paul Gosar    R    AZ-4
      Trey Gowdy    R    SC-4
      Sam Graves    R    MO-6
      Tom Graves    R    GA-14
      Andy Harris    R    MD-1
      George Holding    R    NC-13
      Richard Hudson    R    NC-8
      Tim Huelskamp    R    KS-1
      Randy Hultgren    R    IL-14
      Lynn Jenkins    R    KS-2
      Jim Jordan    R    OH-4
      Doug Lamborn    R    CO-5
      Kenny Marchant    R    TX-24
      Thomas Massie    R    KY-4
      Tom McClintock    R    CA-4
      Mark Meadows    R    NC-11
      Markwayne Mullin    R    OK-2
      Mick Mulvaney    R    SC-5
      Randy Neugebauer    R    TX-19
      Steven Palazzo    R    MS-4
      Steve Pearce    R    NM-2
      Scott Perry    R    PA-4
      Tom Petri    R    WI-6
      Mike Pompeo    R    KS-4
      Tom Price    R    GA-6
      Phil Roe    R    TN-1
      Todd Rokita    R    IN-4
      Keith Rothfus    R    PA-12
      Ed Royce    R    CA-39
      Paul D. Ryan    R    WI-1
      Matt Salmon    R    AZ-5
      David Schweikert    R    AZ-6
      F. James Sensenbrenner    R    WI-5
      Marlin Stutzman    R    IN-3
      William M. Thornberry    R    TX-13
      Randy Weber    R    TX-14
      Brad Wenstrup    R    OH-2
      Roger Williams    R    TX-25
      Joe Wilson    R    SC-2
      Rob Woodall    R    GA-7
      Kevin Yoder    R    KS-3
      Ted Yoho    R    FL-3

      "Justice is a commodity"

      by joanneleon on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 04:28:04 PM PST

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