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  •  She is not the only one out of the two of you (11+ / 0-)

    who is permitted to have an opinion.  She wanted to talk about guns, so you did.

    My argument about the use of a gun to defend against government is that it's no longer a viable use for guns.  Citizens with guns (even fully automatic guns with high capacity magazines) have next to zero chance against soldiers in armor, mustard gas, apache helicopters, drones, tanks, etc.  We don't have the same circumstances as we did when the framers suggested that citizens armed with muskets could stand up to soldiers with muskets.

    I am opposed to bans for different reasons, but I am also allergic to bullshit arguments.  The "citizens' defense against government" argument is a bullshit argument.

    Picture a bright blue ball just spinnin' spinnin' free. It's dizzy with possibility.

    by lockewasright on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 03:26:57 PM PST

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