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  •  This is why I think we need (0+ / 0-)

    to call the GOP on its austerity budget:  You voted against a spending bill?  Fine.  We won't spend any money in your district.  You are cut off from federal funds and (if I were king) from state funds too.

    Make it on your own.  You claim to be able to.

    Of course that's snark.  I am angry at the GOPers, and especially the Teahadists -- but not so much that I would hold everyone in their district hostage.

    Perhaps we should just refuse to fund the GOP politicians.  Let's let 'em make it on their own.  Minimum wage, no health benefits on the public dime, no per diem, no use of the company car (as it were).  Basically: let 'em live on what they wish on the rest of us.  Out of generosity: if they qualify, they can have food stamps, too.

    To make the argument that the media has a left- or right-wing, or a liberal or a conservative bias, is like asking if the problem with Al-Qaeda is do they use too much oil in their hummus. Al Franken

    by Youffraita on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 11:39:26 PM PST

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