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  •  I had to look up "Hillel" in Wikipedia (1+ / 0-)
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    I shall have to read the whole article.

    I don't think my interpretation is very eccentric. I think one can see that by comparing Christianity with Islam. Often, the point is made that Muslims' equivalent of Christ is the Koran. To Muslims, God revealed himself as a text; to Christians, he revealed himself as a human being.`

    Christianity centers around Christ, not the Bible. (Fundamentalists in effect raise the Bible to an equal level with Christ, thus making their version of Christianity resemble Islam more than mainline Christianity.) So a Christian uses the Bible as a means of getting to Christ, not an end in itself. This is why it's not that hard to dismiss whole portions of the Bible. (Luther did  that, by calling certain books non-canonical, because they did not "follow the gospel".)

    I'm speaking as an atheist who was raised Russian Orthodox. So although I stopped being a believer, I did not lose my affection for and fascination with Christianity, unlike many atheists.

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