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  •  Don't know about levels and stuff, but (0+ / 0-)

    we each have in turn the values of an Infant, a Toddler, a Child, an Adolescent, A Young Adult, and so on. This is just how life is. (Adjust the stages however you will.)

    Values are the key to everything we do, and in how we take what happens in our lives. Consciously or unconsciously.

    Now, a society might create a fertile soil where people might constantly go with "their better angels." But the individual has to choose to grow. It's a strictly volunteer effort, and nobody can force anybody to take the next step.

    As French psychologist Paul Diel wrote, what life is about is the harmonization of desires. Which means that in our nature we hold conflicting desires, and maturation consists of weighing our desires and deciding which to cultivate and which to abandon. For example, one might desire to make their marriage stronger; at the same time, before marriage, one went by "gotta get me something new tonight!"

    Well, one of those desires has to go, or else one is unsettled, even tormented, until the decision is made. And it ain't easy to give up what we're used to.

    Society can also create a desert. Morally, emotionally, in every way TPTB created a consumerist desert. Where the thing modeled at every moment (and seen by tens of millions at any moment) are the Values of Adolescents.

    It's just nature, necessary, good, scary, and fun that Adolescents are self-absorbed, wakening to their senses and desires, forming an identity, act on impulse, love thrills, and have undeveloped judgement.

    It's also great for salesmen and con-men.

    The media creates the soil to shape values so that people are at the "ooooo pretty must have" stage of life; nor even imagine a choice. Media does this by modeling behaviors. And they know what they're doing.

    All that said, Yeah, it's a volunteer effort, and it's hard to volunteer to grow up, so you don't see much of that happening. Especially in a time where people aren't even shown possible alternate values. On the plus side, all we really need is enough adults. And I think we can get there.

    The Internet is just the tail of the Corporate Media dog.

    by Jim P on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 08:24:18 PM PST

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