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View Diary: Can you work against the social safety net and still call yourself a Democrat? (173 comments)

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  •  the problem with accepting the need to cut (20+ / 0-)

    social programs now is that the demand to do so is based on a lie. Or, rather, a series of lies.

    First, we don't need to work on the deficit right now. Second, if we feel like working on it right now, the logical thing to do is to reverse the steps we took to get here. End the wars, tax the rich is not just a progressive slogan. We got into these deficits because we fought two wars while making deep cuts in taxes. Then the crash happened, threw people out of work and onto various forms of government programs, and things got even worse.

    Medicare and Social Security are not how we got these big deficits, and they're not the biggest factor in how we're going to keep them. Social Security, of course, is one of the least of our problems in that regard, as it hardly has any effect on the general funds at all (only when we lower the payroll tax and replace the funds from the general fund).

    If we wanted to reduce the deficit, we would have allowed the Bush tax cuts to sunset in 2010. If we wanted to reduce the deficit while cushioning the blow for working people and the vulnerable in this time of economic downturn, we would have allowed all the Bush tax cuts except those on people making less than 250K to expire--including the estate tax and the capital gains tax.

    The fact is, all of this is a series of lies put out by a corrupt and captured government.

    if necessary for years; if necessary, alone

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 08:15:28 AM PST

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